Can your team bring humankind to the next step?

1 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
20 - Unlimited


The teams are welcomed through an intriguing video in which they learn that the atmosphere on Mars needs immediate improvement. The teams are on the journey to establish a good and healthy atmosphere on Mars. Currently, the atmosphere there is survivable, but for a good atmosphere where you can live and work together, the teams will need more. If the teams don’t solve the quests, the atmosphere there will be ruined, and their mission has failed. Can the teams discover the perfect recipe for their new atmosphere?

Learning Outcomes

Atmosphere is a fun and experiential learning game that enhances teamwork and problem-solving skills in an entertaining and immersive environment. Effective communication and active listening are essential ingredients to success. Throughout the game, team members come to the realisation that each person is responsible for caring and creating a good atmosphere in which it is possible to work together successfully. The playful framework offers a platform to optimise the team working atmosphere and chemistry. Atmosphere also allows you to determine which ingredients are particularly important for your team.

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